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Leaked Dragon Age III Script Reveals Ties to Mass Effect Universe, Explains ME3 Ending


Just when you thought the hoopla over the Mass Effect 3 ending couldn't get any stupider...

Over the weekend, waitress and gamer Draya Filspool found a script left behind by one of her customers, which is nothing new for countless little Vancouver, BC cafes like the one Draya works at. What is new is that the forgotten script was (judging by the highlighted lines inside) left by a voice actor working on EA/Bioware's as yet unannounced Dragon Age III. Even crazier, the script shows direct ties between the worlds of Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

The script is only a partial one, but it detailed some of the key plot points and some near-the-end-of-the-game exposition. This time, the game takes place in the kingdom of Lisolof, where apparently a peace compact between Isoldof and the Darkspawn is being discussed. Known as the "Isoldof Parlay", this peace accord appears to play a heavy part in the story. The script segments also reveal some of your companions for the game, such as Opal the mage and a rogue called Rod Siflay (which is basically like giving the internet a birthday gift).

But what you'll really want to know about is a religious cult called The Shepherds, which are new to the game. They claim to be the protectors of the Black City, where the Blight and the Darkspawn originated from. Check out the following lines:

"Long ago, man lived in the sky, and even amongst the stars, but great Calamity befell them, and man fled to our world to escape it. Many years later, the magisters attempted enter the Golden City in an attempt to return to the stars and skies, but instead called the Calamity to us, what you now know as the Darkspawn."

And a little later...

"We take the name of a great man, who hid us from the Calamity, and imparted on us the gifts of magic. He brought all the races together to share this world, which he loved above all as his home."

A little vague, I know, but it starts to make sense the more you think about it (and I'm about to get a little spoilery here, which I assume you don't mind if you're reading this article--everyone else may want to skip a couple paragraphs). The Darkspawn spread via their blood, which transforms and corrupts everything it touches, and also gives Grey Wardens their power. In Mass Effect, the Reapers changed people into Husks and Marauders and such via nanite technology, which could easily be contained in the blood. Also, if we accept the Synthesis ending of ME3 as canon (which seems likely), then all the tech and biotics would become part of the DNA sequence, making abilities like Barrier and Incinerate and Cryo Blast and all those abilities innate in people, i.e. magic.

Also, the destruction of the Mass Relays supposedly left people stuck planetside, and assumably they would try to find a means of getting back into space, into the Heavens, "The Golden City" if you will, and calling in Reaper forces that barely survived ME3 (hooray for offline storage) would easily cause a worldwide distrust of technology. And since half the galaxy is essentially stuck on Earth after the Relays are destroyed, a few thousand years of cross-breeding the multitude of Mass Effect races could result in the Dragon Age races quite handily.

In any case, Dragon Age III is still a ways off from making it to consoles (analysts expect sometime in the 2014 fiscal year, so no earlier than April 1st, 2013), so they still have time to change things and tighten up the loose ends (or loosen them more, should they want). In the meantime we'll just have to wait and see what EA has to show us at E3.

For the full script, you can check out Draya's personal blog here.

Published Friday, March 30, 2012 6:11 PM by Nick McDonald


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