Heavy Rain Game

The developers of Heavy Rain, Quantic Dream, have a cool little site (Precinct 52) up promoting their upcoming title where you try to put together a “dossier” of evidence. Guess right and you get a demo code for Heavy Rain. Luckily for you and me, VGChartz threw up the solution for what to present earlier today:

” • Short cigarette (117b)

• Origami bird

• Coffee shop C (it says “diner”)

• 117h (tyre tracks).

But mind your step: Be careful when choosing the coffee shop, because there are a lot of them. Furthermore, the writing on the “tyre tracks” is kinda difficult to read.”

Do it correctly and you’ll have yourself a download code for Heavy Rain‘s demo early. You’ll want to keep about 1.7GB of memory space available. Ah…and before I forget, you’ll need to use your UK account to get at the goods. You have one of those lying around, right?


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