God of war alfheim map guide

Alfheim is the fourth region you’ll be exploring while playing God of War. In God of War Alfheim map guide, we’ll take you through the story mode missions, areas, looting, artifacts, hacksilver, locations and much more.


There’s almost no to keep an eye out for as you advance down the bridge. Watch out for the correct side of the bridge for a ring of sparkling runes as that is your first lore marker. Go to the right side of the marker to look for a wooden chestnut you’ll have to free it first. There’s a root-node type thing between the stones. Throw your axe and gather your hacksilver.  After you battle your very first dark elves experience the entryways and take a quick right. A legendary chest is waiting down the steps with a Symbol of Shadows charm inside.


Follow the shore to left side. You’ll in the long run go to a seashore called the Light Elf Shore. Handle the Draugr sitting tight for you. Look to your right side from where you parked, there’s a ruined road chunk where you can probably discover Spoils of War artifacts. Head down the passage close to that bit of street and battle the tatzelwurms that are waiting for you. There’s a chest to your left side, yet you can’t get to it yet. Chase after the tunnel on your right side. At the point when you go to the gap, throw your axe at the root hub obstructing your way, at that point hop over. Move up onto the edge and proceed with to locate an unbelievable chest with a Frost Giant’s Frenzy overwhelming runic assault inside.


Jump back in the kayak and oar straight back over the lake right toward the southeast corner to locate the Light Elf Sanctuary. Handle the Draugr and tatzelwurms in there for you. Keep to one side and track with until you go to a switch and a hole. Toss the switch and surge over the hole and through the entryway before it closes. Handle the Tatzelwurm, at that point turn left and experience the passage. Exactly where the way finishes, there’s a Nornir chest.


At the point when you arrive at the unopen-able blue doors, turn left and run down the steps. You’ll see the obvious beruned chimes of a Nornir chest. This one is precarious and tricky. You have to get the ways to the passage open first for which you’ll need a tactical brain play.


Utilize Atreus’ new Pink Floyd laser light bow to make an extension away from the Light. Drop down to the yard to your left side and get the precious stone on the ground. Spin around and just go fit it into the socket at the rear of the round room and have the boy shoot it. Move up the edges on the ledges either side to mid of the rings for a casket coffin enclosing a Fragmented Heart of Alfheim.


This is a scanty territory. When you bring the lift down don’t forget checking your surrounding factors for a couple of wooden treasure boxes, which you can crush to gather hacksilver. You’ll additionally find a Mystic Gateway. Open up the red casket at the stair-top for an Etched Crest of Shadows.  At that point, it’s the ideal opportunity for an especially intense battle with a Valkyrie.


Olrun, God of War’s Alfheim Valkyrie, doesn’t respond well to a forceful and combative offense. To win, you have to not only get familiar with her patterns of attacking but also to release Kratos’ strength at the best time i.e. when she’s defenseless, vulnerable, distracted or recovering the damage. The God of War Alfheim map summary will guide you well enough. 

In this God of War Alfheim map guide, we’ll tell you the best way to peruse Olrun’s assaults so you can react and overcome her.

Prepare Yourself – Valkyrie Combat

Before you start a Valkyrie battle, complete three things:

Fill your Runic assault meters. Start each Valkyrie battle with consecutive Runic assaults. As Valkyries drop from their winged cocoons, they’re defenseless and vulnerable. Attack at that point, and you’ll chip away a mighty part of her health without she being able to resist. In the event that your meters aren’t full, you can simply remain around and sit tight until they fill up.

Spartan Rage has two important tasks. The conspicuous one is causing huge measures of damage. The subtler one is reestablished your health as you assault. You can utilize it to vanish off a Valkyrie or reestablish your dropping health or both On the off chance that your meters aren’t full, go kill a few enemies. You can twist directly back to the Mystic Gateway.

Bringing a Resurrection Stone is important because if you get killed while holding on to it, tap square and Atreus will rejuvenate him back. Any Resurrection Stone will be good, and you can also get them at Brok or Sindri’s shop, but you only need to hold one at a particular time.

God of War Alfheim Map – Collectible’s Locations

Alfheim map has 28 Collectible Locations in total. This God of War Alfheim location guide will bring you to all the collectibles in Alfheim Region in sequential order. Everything that’s required for trophies and for ending the game, are incorporated followed by God of War: Alfheim map completion. Nothing goes to waste, everything can be gathered after the story. The map has a total of 28 collectibles that are distributed among the map such that: 1 Mystic Gateway, 1 Valkyrie, 2 shops, 2 Odin’s Ravens, 2 Lore Markers, 5 Legendary chests, $ Nornir chests and 6 Artifacts.


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