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The Genre of God of War is an action game with a lot of adventurous experiences to go through, the game was created by Santa Monica Studio and distributed by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) when it came in the market on April 20, 2018, for the PS4. Talking of the gaming series, the 2018 one was the 8th in the numbering chronologically. In contrast to past versions of the games, which were approximately concept on Greek folklore, this one is established on Norse Mythology, with most of it set in antiquated Norway in the domain of Midgard. Without precedent for the arrangement, there are two heroes: Kratos, the previous Greek God of War who remains the main playable character, and his young child Atreus.

Oblivion Stone:

By Oblivion stone, we refer to a stone that craves energy and when it is made contact with, it absorbs the energy. It is desired and stored by Dwarves. Their major purpose is to upgrade the Pommels capable of life-drain damage effects and minimize energy losses.

God of War Treasure Maps

There are 2 Crafting Materials that you would have to discover in God of War. One of them is Oblivion stone and the other one is Unstable Ore. In any case, you’ll discover these assets or resources a little precarious to discover.

The afore discussed ones are extremely rare to find, however, they can be found by participating in Treasure Hunts. As you go about God of War venture, you’ll find Treasure Maps. These guides yield some type of information or clue and direct you toward where you can find many reserves of loot.

God of War Oblivion Stone: Everything You Need to Know

The Oblivion Stone from God of War is one of the hundreds of Crafting materials that are dissipated the whole way across Midgard and different domains that you will wander around in the game. This is a somewhat of a significant crafting material that awards you access to upgrade your armor to some amazing and marvelous looking defensive weapon that can profit you in battle.

Therefore, numerous players will absolutely desire to capture themselves a huge amount of God of War Oblivion Stone so they can make some cool armor for themselves. In any case, the game doesn’t work superbly or you can say not at all. It does tell you about how to grab certain crafting material. That’s where we would help you with our God of War Oblivion Stone guide.

Interpreting Treasure Maps

By comprehending the riddles, you find or interpreting the clues, you’ll uncover the location of a treasure chest, and the insider rewards are generally incredible. Just as winning Hacksilver, Enchantments, and different prizes, you’ll, as a rule, obtain some crafting materials like Aegir’s Gold as well as Leiptr Alloy.

Inside these treasures, you’ll additionally get crafting materials like Oblivion Stone and Unstable Ore. Moreover, the treasure maps hold importance in the aspect that some of the riddles you solve will lead you to the resources that you would further require while upgrading Kratos. Talking Specifically of Oblivion stone, Let’s talk about the God of War: Oblivion Stone location that would give us the idea about where to find them.

God of War Oblivion Stone Location

There is just a single way that we get aware of discovering God of War Oblivion Stone, and it is, tragically, one of the most dubious and randomized crafting materials to get, the one you can’t compromise on if you are a God of War addict.

The Best Option Available

The best way to acquire God of War Oblivion Stone is through finishing the various Treasure Maps that are dispersed over the domains or realms. For those that don’t have any acquaintance with, you will infrequently discover different Treasure Maps that have enigma like riddles or clues that must be tackled to find the Treasure Chest.

Within these wonderful Treasure Chests are a lot of remunerations from Hacksilver to Enchantments and items that are equitable. There is additionally the opportunity of getting the God of War Oblivion Stone. We suggest exploring around for Treasure Maps with the goal that you can unravel their related riddles and locate the sought after Treasure Chests to have this crafting material in your items.

God of War: Oblivion Stone Location

Discovering where the Treasure Maps of God of War exist is one of the numerous discretionary difficulties in the rambling experience game.

There are 12 Treasure Maps to explore in God of War and every one of them leads to some really sweet loot en route. You might have to go somewhere off route to search out these treasures, and it’s likely best if you gather these until the finish of the game, else you may run into solid foes or territories by chance, such foes that you can’t tackle or even reach without God of War Treasure Map guide.

Treasure Map

 Sr.                                        Name
1. The Boat Captain’s Key
2. Don’t Blink
3. The Turtle’s Tribute
4. The Historian
5. Finder’s Fee
6. Creation Island
7. Kneel Before Thor
8. Island of Light
9. Njord’s Oarsmen
10. The Last Place They’d Look
11. Dead and Bloated
12. Hunter’s Kingdom


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