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The Shores of Nine is a discretionary center hub region that interfaces and connects numerous different regions around the Lake of Nine with each other. It envelops a few shores of different locales that you can visit upon on the Lake of Nine and incorporates the different Realm Towers around the lake excluding the Tyr’s Temple. It should be in your knowledge that the waters of the Shore of Nine are the best source for collecting assets, as you’ll generally see barrels of Hacksilver and floating corpses or even the Aegir’s Gold.

God of War 4: Shores of Nine Collectibles:

In this God of War Shores of Nine Collectible Locations Guide, we will help you with areas of the considerable number of collectibles found in Shores of Nine. Every area in God of War is loaded furthermore with various areas that are necessary to collect if you want to achieve at 100% completion for every area in the game. These collectibles are spread around every area in concealed regions or even on off-way territories, such that you may miss a considerable number if you are not cautious.

God of War: Shores of Nine Collectibles map

Fortunately, this God of War Shores of Nine Collectible maps Guide subtleties all collectibles in the Shores of Nine area of God of War. With the assistance of this guide, you will have the option to gather every single concealed collectible in the area and focus on achieving that 100% completion mark. It merits referencing here that only if you are playing the game, it is suggested that you avoid these collectibles as none of these can be missed. You can gather every one of them in the wake of completing the main game story.

Shores of Nine Collectibles – Location Guide

There are 28 collectibles in this area that you should gather. Enlisted and explained below are those collectibles so when you start the zone, you can gather every one of them effectively without missing any during area exploration.

Artifact 1

Leave Brok’s shop at Tyr’s sanctuary temple and stroll down the way on the left, to the docks. A body has an ancient rarity.

Legendary Chest

Near the last ancient artifact, go down the stairs to the boat dock at Tyr’s temple. At that point hover around the rear building side. So you’re strolling close to the water. Behind the sanctuary by the water is an incredible chest. It’s covered up with some greenery, which can be ignited with the Blades of Chaos.

Jötnar Shrine 1

You will find this Inside Vanaheim tower, the large tower connecting the Lake of Nine and the Foothills zone.

Lore Marker 1

Inside Vanaheim tower, it would be found at the entrance on display. To get this, you should have at least 4 language Ciphers of Niflheim, which are to be found in numerous different zones.

Lore Marker 2

Inside Vanaheim tower, the huge pinnacle that interfaces the Lake of Nine with the Foothills region. It’s at the passageway on display. To peruse this legend you more likely than not discovered 4 Language Ciphers of Muspelheim, which are to be found in numerous different zones.

Realm Tear Encounter 1

The large pinnacle inside Vanaheim tower, which interfaces the Lake of Nine with the Foothills region.  Righ in the entry corridor where the two lore markers were,  shoot all three blue crystals, at the corners and ceiling of the room using Atreus’ Light Elf Arrows.

Lore Marker 3

Farther into Vanaheim tower, on the way to Foothills locale. There’s a cavern section. In it, you should raze some wooden rubble before a lore marker. At that point, simply take the blue crystals to it and have Atreus shoot it with blue Light Elf Arrows. 

Purple Cipher Chest 1

This one is just two meters away from the lore marker.

Lore Marker 4

It lies in the area of “Cliffs of the Raven”, yet is counted in God of War, Shores of Nine collectibles. It is in the sand present at the end of the region and in plain sight. At the point when you get interacted with it, you should kill a large number of enemies and afterward, a spirit will spawn that provides you with the favor of “Unfinished Business”.

Wayward Spirit Favor 1

In the wake of perusing Lore Marker 4 at the Cliffs of the Raven area. A spirit produces close to the lore marker and provides you this quest. In this way, you get favored with the opportunity to enact the rest of the lore markers in Shores of Nine, which are all canvassed here in this guide.

Mystic Gateway 1

At the seashore side of Lookout Tower, right where you dock your boat on the plain sight.

Jötnar Shrine 2

Found at the Lookout Tower-top, there’s a zipline that you can aid from that will lead you to the Muspelheim Tower. At the end of this zipline, a big wooden door would be visible in front of you (Shrine).

Purple Cipher Chest 2

Soon after the big wooden door of the shrine, continue further on the way towards the Muspelheim Tower for this collectible.

Mystic Gateway 2

You can discover this on the topmost side of Muspelheim Tower.

Artifact 2

Located at the vertex of Niflheim tower. You can harbor your boat at the pinnacle and go through the lift to reach there.

Raven 1

The Raven collectible is also located at the top of Niflheim tower, from where you got the last raven. Moreover, you can see the raven sitting on a shipwreck, a little beneath the Niflheim tower.

Mystic Gateway 3

This collectible can be tracked down right next to the artifact on the Tower top of Niflheim.

Realm Tear Encounter 2

The location is the same as that of the last collectible i.e. On Nilfheim Tower top.

Mystic Gateway 4

Located at the apex of the Isle of Death Region. You should move up the mountain on the Isle of Death and you’ll discover the gateway passage that tallies towards the Shores of Nine.

Lore Marker 5

Similarly, this God of War Shores of Nine collectible is located at the apex of the Isle of Death Region for which you would need to climb the mountain.

Lore Marker 6

The peak region of Iron Cove is where you can track this collectible down. For accessing this, you can utilize the zipline at the top of the Isle of Death for your ease. Although it’s in Iron Cove it is considered to be within Shores of Nine.

Mystic Gateway 5

Right in the region of Forgotten Caverns, park your boat at the southern dock and follow the way inside the cave. You will find the collectible inside the cave.

Lore Marker 7

Once you are in the area of Forgotten Caverns, move up the mountain from the Mystic Gateway and you’ll find the last lore Marker at the top of this region.

Realm Tear Encounter 3

Subsequent to the last move, proceed in the direction of the northern dock of Forgotten Caverns, passing through river tunnel where you will park your boat to climb up the mountain. This climb would guide you to the Swartalfheim Tower on the top of which you can find this collectible.

Mystic Gateway 6

The same is the spot as it was for the last collectible, at the top of Swartalfheim Tower.

Mystic Gateway 7

You can locate this one along the seashore beach of the area that is called Ruins of the Ancient.

Mystic Gateway 8

Simply dock your boat at the southern region of the docks of the Mason’s Channel. The same one that leads you to the Council of Valkyries. A Mystic Gateway collectible is situated right on its beach.

Artifact 3

You will find a lift that would take you from the end of the beach, where you found your last collectible, to the Helheim tower-top where you will find this artifact.

Mystic Gateway 9

This also lies at the Alfheim Tower top.

Mystic Gateway 10

This god of war shore of Nine collectible falls on the stone top.

Realm Tear Encounter 10

It lies at the top of the Alfheim tower.

Artifact 4

It is found near the council of Valkyries, on the right side of Mason’s channel located on the top of the Alfheim tower.


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