why xbox 360 is still good

A little outdated but worthy version among different gaming consoles is Microsoft’s Xbox 360, intended to compete with other well-known gaming stations e.g., Nintendo’s Wii and Sony’s PlayStation. The profoundly famous console came in the market in early-2005 and succeeded in bringing its sales roughly to a mark where Microsoft sold approx. Eighty million consoles throughout the world (the number includes all of the Xbox 360 models). In addition to this, the Arcade, Elite, Slim, and S models likewise helped by supported franchises including Gears of War, Mass Effect and Dead Rising, etc.  Mass Effect, apart from this, the release of this console apparently gave a significant thrust and they are the reason for lifting up the business of certain multi-platform game blockbusters. Call of Duty 4: Assassin’s Creed, Modern Warfare, and BioShock. In this article, we will understand the grounds; Xbox 360 is on in the current times, and whether or not to buy this game-station.

Why Is Xbox Still Considered Worthy?

Microsoft Xbox 360, being a gaming console for teen gamers who love wasting their teenage days playing war-game bloodbath fantasies which was on of the best Xbox 360 games, but it could be much more than that. A comprehensive explanation illustrating why Xbox is still good and admired by gamers are bulleted below with a bit of detail.

Cheap Rates

If you don’t have Xbox 360 in your collection of gaming consoles, you can still add it up and it won’t even be a burden on your pocket, as its purchasing price is much lesser than recent console models of Sony or Microsoft. The games for Xbox 360 are cheap as well as you can enjoy playing different games online for multiplayer mode. Talking of games, you can play any of the portal games if you are into puzzle games that are for practicing strategic planning. Forza is another top-rated e-game, which basically is a racing game. Moreover, for teens who personally love sports, especially football, FIFA and PES are the ones you would enjoy playing.

Entertainment Traits

As far as about consent, this may be entertaining, engaging, or informational purposes; the Xbox 360 can withstand the competition. For gamers interested in classic gaming, it’s a situation to defend. If you are up to watching a movie or some TV series online, Xbox Movies and Netflix are not the only ones available in its library, but these two surely stand among the list of top-rated apps, based on rating. Although catch-up apps are not a bad idea too. Likewise, a slot for running DVD-ROM drive already preexists in your Xbox 360, reserved for enjoying films, games, or anything you expect from your console. The major reason that this model isn’t being utilized as your central home hub is that despite all these features, the newer models, including Xbox One or One S is more capable of being used. Innovation is an innovation, no matter what.

Voluminous Collection of Games- Library

Let us say that you are looking for a quick yet ground-breaking console model with more power; at that point, clearly, it would be one of its recent versions. Also, it helps in keeping up a superior entertainment for home use, with a great network and a couple of interface features. In case you are so much into exploring games that most hours of your day pass by while sitting in front of the console, with a controller in your hands, using Xbox 360 would save you a handsome amount. This is because of the fact that certain best 360 games are available for gamers like you to explore. It sums up that Xbox 360 is an experience; no one would want to miss.

Proven Incredible for Enterprises

Huge screens help increase profitability as well as the productivity of your project under discussion. Be that as it is, but we’ve just pushed the restricting limits of how much screen we can deal with when those screens are approx. Meanwhile, a Kinect-style interface empowers and enables us to utilize those generous screens. However, they’d surely be distant more than 10 feet. Now, enterprises could just hurl those systems in the trashcan. Moreover, it is time for them to realize that they don’t need those special-purpose video-conferencing systems anymore. An all-purpose system could be their life-changing, time-saving yet relaxing alternative to all this. All you have to do is have a good grip over such platforms or frameworks that find you some genuine work. An Xbox 360 for Enterprise version meetings of different types as well as its webinar applications. What if we were using voice-recognition to naturally make a transcript of gatherings, which you can then email to all members? Envision a video-conferencing framework that focused in on every speaker consequently.

Concluding Verdict

Significantly after so long, it is nothing but just a simple errand to deplete out the Xbox 360 game-library. The collection isn’t small, and the features are mostly user friendly. Nothing could be a better alternative if you want to preserve your privacy while talking, as it is more secure than, in fact, the latest models. Likewise, Xbox One library doesn’t make a difference when you are browsing for any game in its library, chances are either it is officially not public or it lacks backward compatibility. Most likely, purchasing an Xbox 360 is a very good idea as well as you would need to pay less (lower cost so that every gaming freak can easily afford it). Talking of its pros, the latest S or E models of Xbox 360 are also a decent option, with not much of a difference between its specs. For someone who has a problem with respect to its old antique style and less memory for storing data on your console, all you have to do is just buy the hard drive model or buy an external hard disk, as it would be a blessing because it offers a few featured options e.g., resulting in reduced wear and tear that could happen on a disk, favoring you such that less sound would be produced.


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