is god of war on xbox

The most recent title in the ‘God of War’ was set to hit PlayStation 4 in 2018. The PR, advertisements, and notices were covering fans in sweet advertisements brimming with epic gameplay and everyone was expecting the game to be launched for Xbox too this time. This drove many would-be-players to contemplate ‘will God of War be made available on the Xbox One?’ and ask questions such as when will they be able to enjoy the game on Xbox. In this article, you will find answers to all of your questions and logical reasoning for why is God of war only playable on PlayStation only. So anybody still confused will have their conclusive answer.

The Hype

Strains have been mounting among activity fans as the God of War discharge date moves ever nearer. The underlying impressions appear to be extremely clear; Kratos’ most recent experience isn’t one that God of War fans will need to miss. Be that as it may, a few players who may not be acquainted with the franchise are left thinking about whether God of War will ever break liberated from its PlayStation 4.

Ps Exclusive

Before starting with the topic, it’s quite important to understand what Console exclusivity is. It refers to the video game’s status being restricted to a few platforms. In short, a game exclusive to PlayStation won’t be available in the market for Xbox and vice versa. This is done to attract gaming audience towards their console as a fan of a certain game would always choose the console the game is exclusive to over the console he likes. God of War is a perfect example of platform exclusivity or console exclusivity for being compatible with just PlayStation and no other gaming console

God of War – A PS Exclusive

Different games like Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last of Us, and the Uncharted Series God of War have been and will stay a PlayStation 4 exclusive for a few upcoming events. It appears to be improbable now that Sony or Microsoft will modify their way of coming up with exclusives, as their major purpose is to assist the company with the marketing of their respective console. It’s a way to make PlayStation increasingly famous among gamers. Sometimes, it’s a rough road for the rest company businesses when a well-known game is made exclusive i.e. One can only play that particular game on a particular console type.

In the case that you need to play God of War, a PlayStation console is a must. No Xbox will get the game, so you’ll need to buy Sony’s console to play the most recent God of War.

Will God of War Launch for Xbox?

Tragically, the appropriate answer is No. God of War will never be made available for Xbox which is bad news for Xbox gamers. The record-breaking God of War series has been fundamentally evolved at Sony’s Santa Monica Studio and has stayed a PlayStation exclusive right from the start when its first part was released for PlayStation 2 back in 2005.

Making a game console exclusive is one of the best ways of bringing fans into a particular hardware platform, this is done by presenting games and encounters that are selective to that console or in the other words are exclusive to that particular platform. God of War is Sony’s greatest weapon with regards to games that can’t be found anyplace else, not on Xbox, Nintendo, or any other gaming console.

Exclusives Sell Consoles,

This is the reason they’re so significant at specific turns in a console’s lifecycle. They matter most toward the start when organizations like Sony and Microsoft need to persuade clients to pick one interface over the other, anticipate a lot of exclusives, it might be God of War 5 when the PS5 dispatches this year.  A report from NPD in late 2018 shows that this game stood first among other titles. It had the highest sales record at that time.  Notwithstanding being the top of the sale-line in the history of franchises, it was numbered second top-sale from Sony in U.S. history, just as one of the 50 record-breaking sales right at the dispatch, in the very same month with an overall record of over 10M copies sold worldwide.

Microsoft Overshadowing Sony

God of War isn’t exactly that great of an example to prove the point, however, it is close enough that it fills in as a noteworthy accomplishment that must be a result of the times of improvement that Sony has put into studios and IP of its exclusives. It’s a victory, and it keeps on building up PlayStation as the debut comfort console possibly the debut platform for a particular sort of action-gaming experience having a proper storyline.

Xbox – A Whole Ecosystem

Xbox Live is currently accessible on Nintendo Switch. Xbox Game Pass, which was initially constrained to the consoles, propelled on Windows 10. Microsoft has additionally been on a spending binge, grabbing up studios like Ninja Theory, Compulsion Games, and a few more in a recent couple of years.

By supporting assets and intellectual ownership for Xbox Game Studios, Microsoft is ready to maintain a strategic distance from the errors it made with the Xbox One’s release.

God of War –A Beneficial PS Exclusive

God of war is a gaming experience blend of action and adventure developed and maintained by Santa Monica Studio. A few reasons for why God of War was a good choice for Sony to acquire Console Exclusivity are as follow

  • The game has a Smooth storyline
  • Wonderfully illustrates enthusiastic connections with family
  • Promotes bond among Father and Son
  • Has Incredibly High Graphics
  • Good Ammo collection
  • Bundles of action skills
  • High Difficulty level because of Robust enemies
  • Exploring New Places
  • Finding and Discovering jokes
  • Loads of activity aptitudes
  • Holds great lessons of loyalty and is a lesson learning game. (there is no giving up)


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