god of war shores of nine collectibles

God of War Shores of Nine Collectibles Locations

The Shores of Nine is a discretionary center hub region that interfaces and connects numerous different regions around the Lake of Nine with each other. It envelops a few shores of different locales that you can visit upon on the Lake of Nine and incorporates the different Realm Towers around the lake excluding the Tyr’s […]
God of war alfheim map guide

God of War Alfheim Map Guide

Alfheim is the fourth region you'll be exploring while playing God of War. In God of War Alfheim map guide, we'll take you through the story mode...
shadow of war guide

Shadow of War Guide

It's exceptionally difficult to shake the rust off on the off chance that you had played its first game. However, if you didn't play its first part,...
god of war oblivion stone

God of War Oblivion Stone Guide

The Genre of God of War is an action game with a lot of adventurous experiences to go through, the game was created by Santa...

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